The Horizon

I once was but am no longer A child thin as a rail Why walk when you can run Sitting still was just not possible I once was A father’s son Who would have listened better If he had only known How brief the visit I once was A rebel, long haired, bell bottomed DressedContinue reading “The Horizon”

Now that she is gone

It’s spring and the beauty of nature abounds As I look up at the trees framed against the white clouds  and the blue blue sky, the trees have never looked so green A gorgeous red cardinal flys past me as if to say  hey we too have dressed for the occasion.  I seem to noticeContinue reading “Now that she is gone”

Her Story

Her story I need to I need to tell  I need to tell her story Over and over  Bits and pieces pieces of the puzzle  Swirling in the air  Forming a vision  A vision of her in motion I see her smiling  I hear her laughter  She is calling to me Oh Danny, oh myContinue reading “Her Story”


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About Me

When I was in my early twenties I dreamed of a life full of adventures. As it turned out, I never could have imagined; the journey that I was about to take, the amazing and awe inspiring people I would meet and some of the incredible things we would accomplish together. Luckily for me I met a young woman who I fell madly in love with, who became my friend, muse, mother of my children and my reason for being. Together we have ridden the roller coaster of life for the last forty-five years.

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