Show Me A Sign

It is Springtime and under the blanket of fogthe branches of trees not yet burdened by leavespress up into the sky to form a filigreethat pleases the eye. The yellow daffodils and forsythia have blossomed overnight.and their beauty pulls at my heart stringsand my tears fall like rain. Soon it will be the day of…

Gifts I Have Been Given

Each time I have been challenged by lifes inevitabilities I have somehow managed, through the grace of smiling angels To receive more than was taken,  And then doubling the gifts I have been given by passing on the secrets of these precious lesson learned Through my scribblings on a page.    I am not sure…


When you’re feeling lost and lonely  And you don’t know where to turn And your shoulders start to shudder, And your eyes begin to burn. When you need a place of comfort a shelter from the storm Close your eyes and think of me Our love will keep you warm. And know that I will…


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When I was in my early twenties I dreamed of a life full of adventures. As it turned out, I never could have imagined; the journey that I was about to take, the amazing and awe inspiring people I would meet and some of the incredible things we would accomplish together. Luckily for me I met a young woman who I fell madly in love with, who became my friend, muse, mother of my children and my reason for being. Together we have ridden the roller coaster of life for the last forty-five years.

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