My Devotion

My places of worship are the trails along the water, those that are under a canopy of trees that snake past rivers and lakes and through overpasses where I can see the sun reflected in the water while white swans gently swim in pairs. My devotion comes in the form of sweat, hard breathing andContinue reading “My Devotion”


Stuck, betwixt and between Stuck, smack dab in the middle of the proverbial rock and the increasingly familiar hard place Stuck, no two steps forward and one step back Just stuck in limbo. What can we do? What can we wish for? Another shock to our system Another shoe drops Another doctors sad face AnotherContinue reading “Stuck”

Just Present

Before you wake I worry And then straighten up around the couch, I fold the blanket, making sure that the things you will need are in reach I bring fresh water and a clean glass To the little black table on wheels that holds the bottles of pills some that will help you feel betterContinue reading “Just Present”


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About Me

When I was in my early twenties I dreamed of a life full of adventures. As it turned out, I never could have imagined; the journey that I was about to take, the amazing and awe inspiring people I would meet and some of the incredible things we would accomplish together. Luckily for me I met a young woman who I fell madly in love with, who became my friend, muse, mother of my children and my reason for being. Together we have ridden the roller coaster of life for the last forty-five years.

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