Narrator of Your Story

Act One of an unfinished play
Scenes 1-18
A play for the clan Mackay/Rutberg

The play begins and ends on a bare stage.  A middle-aged man enters and stands in front of a curtain.

“With an intense love for each other and our clans past, present and future
and with great fear and trepidation your mother and I conceived a baby boy so beautiful that we were awestruck in wonder and delight. “

And from your birth you taught us anew to love life, and also what your likes were, with smiles, laughter, moans and groans and we two kids ourselves, were captured by you whole.

Your care, welfare and feeding have filled our lives for so many years I can’t quite recollect the years before you. The monitoring of your progress, height, weight and such, and academic prowess and victories on the field have exceeded all our expectations and fulfilled none of our fears.

And the questions about character that all papa’s ask. “Is he a man of principal’s or a member of the pack? Have been answered by your questions and the set of your jaw, the intelligent probing when you look at the world and find a flaw.

But the story is not over, though our narration may get thin, for the past eighteen scenes have been read aloud, reread, read between the lines. They have been performed before full houses of friends and family, grandma’s and grandpa’s and uncle al and our dear stell. They have been recounted so often that strangers think that we are reciting an epic poem or a classic tale.

And you the center of our drama in every act and scene must play a dual role now so that we may see how the tale progresses. So from this time forward perhaps on a Sunday night, walk to stage left or right and while the scene unfolds around you, give us the benefit of your insight. Take up the role of narrator, I gladly yield to you, so that we may see the day to day disasters and may savor your success.

We are your greatest fans and admirers. We love you so. We see you as strong and capable but always know; that we are here for you. You are a part of us, of our history and our future. Even though, you may feel alone on stage, we are with you in the wings and in the aisles and seats. We are close enough to prompt a line or help you recover from a missed cue.

So, with our love and as our hearts beat fast before the curtain rises again we say,
“Break a leg” and let the show begin.

Published by Dan R.

Writer and Photographer, practices "almost yoga", and meditation. Curious and still learning.

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