Life – New Beginnings

Life is filled with new beginnings

each sunset and sunrise

tick of the clock


the terrible teens

dawn of recognition in another’s eyes

world shrinking around just the two you

love sweet love

children of your own

the world shrinks again

to frame a halo around each of your children’s heads

 each new beginning fraught with the potential of a scraped knee

or worse their disappointment

New beginnings, some missed steps as they grow but ample time to begin again.

Another round of new beginnings

we get to share as grandparents

Life is filled with new beginnings

New directions for you to choose in your journey.

There are an infinite number of new beginnings

one can have in one lifetime

The only limits we face are in the number of endings.

Published by Dan R.

Writer and Photographer, practices "almost yoga", and meditation. Curious and still learning.

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