She’s Got Moves

The first thing you would notice about her was her smile but only because you turned your head to look at her when she laughed. She truly couldn’t help herself. She would hear or see something and she would burst out laughing. People would save things they found ridiculous just to tell her so they could be rewarded by the beautifully shaped notes of her laughter. She laughed often and it had a vocabulary of it’s own. It could begin a story, punctuate it or be the punchline. Her favorite quote was “life was too important to be taken seriously” by Oscar Wilde.

She was so full of life, after her smile and infectious laughter you might as I did feel a tug at your heart strings. She was so beautiful. She would move her hands and her body when she was in conversation and her audience was mesmerized.  I’m not quite sure how to frame this diplomatically but once she had developed an opinion about any topic she wasn’t shy about sharing it with you. She never suffered fools, 

I guess by now you have realized how head over heals in love with her I was and still am. After she was gone, I mentioned to a young woman that I thought her boyfriend had had a crush on my wife. Three people turned around and said we all did. So although I was the lucky guy who shared the rollercoaster with her for 47 years I wasn’t the only one smitten by her. 

At parties when the music began she would smile at me and grab my hand and we would walk to the center of the dance floor and she would begin swaying and gently move her hips to the beat. Her arms would move to and fro and her feet would match mine as we would move to the rhythm of a song from our youth. All eyes were on her when she danced, with that half smile on her lips and I remember hearing people say. “She’s got moves”

Published by Dan R.

Writer and Photographer, practices "almost yoga", and meditation. Curious and still learning.

2 thoughts on “She’s Got Moves

  1. You describe Norma to a T!! She definitely has a laugh that could not be matched nor an opinion that could not be argued! Miss her so very much !
    Lots of love

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  2. This is great, Dan. After reading it, I closed my eyes and I could hear that wonderful laugh. I feel so blessed by yours and Norma’s friendship. Think of you so often.


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