Born Anew

I am a newborn at a mother’s breast
I am a novice kneeling at the good lord’s feet
I am a student cross legged on a woven mat

My memories are washed away by my tears
My life before now ashes from the burning bush
My past a blur as I center and assume my stance

I bath in the love of a mother’s gaze
I carry down the tablets, words etched in my soul
I mimic the motions of the elders in class

My first steps transform my crawl to a walk
My awe at the founder of the universe expands
My hands rise from a forward fold
to my heart in a silent prayer.
and I am born anew.

Published by Dan R.

Writer and Photographer, practices "almost yoga", and meditation. Curious and still learning.

4 thoughts on “Born Anew

  1. Beautiful. Time for a new book of poems. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty in your thoughts. Stunning. I miss you and think of you daily and the pain at this time of year.

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