The Dove Brief Flight

The Dove’s Brief Flight Daniel Rutberg October 2013   I am weightless and floating in the absence of light I am mourning the dove’s brief flight   How does one feel when your first best friend dies your blood brother And broker of peace    As children we saw rites and rituals  dashed against theContinue reading “The Dove Brief Flight”

Live Each New Year, A Day At A Time – July 6, 1996

At one, you were having so much fun, your laugh so loud it always pleased the crowds, your mother, your brother and me. At two and three you found out you had knee’s you’d never walked when you could run, sometimes when you were having fun, you’d stumble and your mom would, hold you, kissContinue reading “Live Each New Year, A Day At A Time – July 6, 1996”

The Terrible Teens – September 1996

Those years I lived from inside out spent trembling in the winter’s sun seem distant now I hardly can recall, the race of my young heart the terror of being unlike the rest the rage of youth as we’d stampede then settle down to homework’s tasks In our innocence we believed our generation was differentContinue reading “The Terrible Teens – September 1996”

Unexpected Day Off In The Country – December 1990

My workday problems seem remote. As the snow falls outside my window, Tea too hot to drink, grows cold, untouched as the last page of my book is turned. The quietness of this snowy day, stolen from a hectic week, is shattered periodically, by the shrieks, shouts and bangs from far off rooms. These sounds,Continue reading “Unexpected Day Off In The Country – December 1990”