a boat gliding on the water

A boat gliding on the water

a boat


on the water

My tears fall like raindrops 

The depth of my sadness

Is reflected in the ever widening circles

They make in the still water


This morning I slipped under your covers 

And shaped my body to yours 

And we lay in our embrace

Your hand resting on mine


Last night you held and squeezed my hand

As the nurse hurt you

Trying in vain to find a vein 


I dream of times past

A beautiful day In Central Park 

On a boat gliding on the water

Instead of tears I see 

The beauty of your smile in our reflection 

In the stillness of the water

As we drift across the lake


Let’s dream of future times

And that the times we are enduring 

the tears i shed as I stand helpless 

Watching as you suffer

The treatments that ravage you as they 

Clumsily seek to battle the tumors within

I hope and pray that our sacrifices 

Will give us back some time 


Time for you and I to

Stroll hand in hand through the 

galleries and museums 

share meals, quips and laughter

As we people watch in the city

Take walks in the park 

And sail across the lake 

On a boat gliding on the water

A boat


On the water

Published by Dan R.

Writer and Photographer, practices "almost yoga", and meditation. Curious and still learning.

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