Just Present

Before you wake

I worry

And then straighten up around the couch,

I fold the blanket,

making sure that the things you will need are in reach

I bring fresh water and a clean glass

To the little black table on wheels

that holds the bottles of pills

some that will help you feel better

and some that will make you feel worse

but hopefully stop the cancer in its tracks

For a while

When you wake

I worry

That your body will flush as it sometimes does

And your heart will race

And you will need to sit down quickly

and wait until

This tortuous morning ritual subsides

When we talk

I worry

That the challenges of the disease

and the difficulties of the treatment

make the thought of a full meal

to break your fast so unappealing

That you will only endure

A small portion

so you can take the morning assortment of pills.

When we cuddle

I don’t worry

I am present

Last meal of the day done

Dishes being splashed and sprayed

With a low rumble from the kitchen

My arm around your shoulder

Just taking it all in

Neither replaying the tiny terrors that filled the day

Nor those unknown ones that will surely surface tomorrow.

My soul and yours

Cuddling on the couch

No past no future

An endless embrace

Published by Dan R.

Writer and Photographer, practices "almost yoga", and meditation. Curious and still learning.

One thought on “Just Present

  1. Such Beautiful words, I feel the emotion just emanating from them. Sounds so very difficult a time but your love for Norma and, I am sure, vice versa is so obvious. You are so lucky to have each other. I am also sorry that we weren’t able to get together, but we both very much hope that Norma will improve enough that we can have a short visit at some point. If there is anything you need or any way we can help, please please let us know. Sending 💕


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