Now that she is gone

It’s spring and the beauty of nature abounds

As I look up at the trees framed against the white clouds 

and the blue blue sky, the trees have never looked so green

A gorgeous red cardinal flys past me as if to say 

hey we too have dressed for the occasion. 

I seem to notice beauty wherever I go 

it’s certainly in the faces and the smiles 

of our grandsons, and in the new found elegance 

of our granddaughter riding a pony bareback. 

I catch myself as I turn to tell you 

how my heart feels as if it has been gripped 

and my breath taken away by the sights 

that have never seemed so precious before.

They say that when one looses one of your senses 

That the other senses are heightened 

and that could be true now 

or it could be that in the past 

That you were my focal point

and everything else was just a blur. 

Whatever the cause 

of the veil being lifted from my eyes 

I know that you would be, that in fact you are 

pleased and are celebrating the fact 

that your Danny is finding beauty in the world a 

week before our anniversary.

Published by Dan R.

Writer and Photographer, practices "almost yoga", and meditation. Curious and still learning.

9 thoughts on “Now that she is gone

  1. That is just breathtaking. What a beautiful poem to your wife and yourself Good to enjoy beauty in life again


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