Solitary Musings on a Foggy Morn

The fog more than a mist shrouds the tree lined border of our yard

The birds not visible are in conversation somewhere nearby 

Otherwise I am left alone this morning 

It will rain soon.

You always loved the rain, windows open at night 

to catch the lightening’s flash and the thunders crash

You slept well to the rhythm of the patter of the rain

I wonder if this morning you’ve woken from a dream filled sleep

On a soft bed made of clouds

And if you are with our parents and our child

Are you transformed or do you spend your time in a familiar form. 

When I recite to myself the infinite numbers of whys and hows I love you,

I begin with your hard won wisdom, born of the troubles we’ve seen, your sense of adventure, your curiosity and the depth of your sense of humor.

I loved to make you smile and spent a lifetime thinking of ways to make you laugh.

Friends and family alike would see something that struck them as odd, funny or outrageous and save it for their next conversation with you. Just to be rewarded by a burst of your laughter. 

You were all in, on the things you loved, your children, grandchildren, godchildren, friends, Ruby and even saved a little for me.

Your exuberance for experiences in life was awe inspiring.

You became over time an excellent story teller and accumulated so many wonderful life experiences to share.

I will never forget listening to you at a friends party when someone mentioned living on a house boat. And you said “I’ve always wanted to live on one.”

The funny thing was at that moment we had been together for over twenty years and I had never heard about this life long desire but if someone had handed you the keys you would have had me packing and if it had pleased you I would have been whistling while I did.

Although I can’t wish us a Happy 46th Anniversary for me it will be filled with gratitude for those spent together.

I hope that you will be rocked to sleep tonight by the waves neath your houseboat listening to the patter of the rain with brief flashes and gentle sounds of thunder in the distance.

With undying love and gratitude. 


Published by Dan R.

Writer and Photographer, practices "almost yoga", and meditation. Curious and still learning.

4 thoughts on “Solitary Musings on a Foggy Morn

  1. Norma is dancing in the rain and sailing around the world! She is taking care of your loved ones so she is very busy! Your words are so inspirational and heartwarming. I never take a day for granted and always think of my dear friend who had a heart of gold! She would probably say to me”stop it already enough” lol Miss her dearly Fran

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  2. I love you so much dad. This makes me miss mom so much. I know she was your world. This was beautifully descriptive of your love. I miss and love you and will always be here to listen, to talk or to head out on an adventure with you.

    Much love



    1. Thanks son

      You mean the world to mom and I. You have given us so much joy and love. She was as lucky to have you as you were to have her. I see a lot of me in you and know that I can always reach out to you and you will understand.

      I am trying to be curious about what I am experiencing and the writing helps I hope remembering when you read my words gives you comfort and not pain.
      She was one of a kind and we three had her in our lives for decades. No one I know is as fortunate as us.

      Give my love to Sara and give Jerry an extra treat from me.

      Love Pops


  3. This is so wonderfully beautiful. Your poetry is gracious. I’ll think of you all day tomorrow and know you’ll be with Norma in spirit. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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